Fast Forms
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Leverage the existing capability of Google Forms to create customized forms. Use Fast Forms to dynamically generate documents (with response data) and notify users.
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Key features

Set up in minutes

No IT required. Use an existing Google Form and simply add a file template and recipients.

Generate documents

Set up branded templates with markers. The add-on will populate it with your form response data.

Notify users dynamically

Notify users when form submissions are made (and only when the request is relevant to the user).

Routing conditions

Set logic with your recipients to ensure recipients only receive the requests that are relevant to them.

Personalized notifications

Personalize notification content, and include attachments based on a template.

Responsive design

Designed mobile-first, and is fantastic to work with on desktop & tablet also.

Tried & Tested

Installed by over 4,000,000 users worldwide and actively used by thousands of organizations big and small.

Enterprise grade security

Data stored in your spreadsheet. End to end data encryption.

And so much more

Requestor and Admin portals; and more on the way!