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How to share files uploaded with recipients
Adding a file upload question can be a convenient way for requestors to add additional information with their request. When you add a file upload question to your form and files are uploaded by the requestor, the add-on will include the link to the files on email notifications. If your recipients need access to these files, you will need to ensure sharing permissions (of the Google Drive folder) are set appropriately.
To access the Google Drive folder:
  • Open your Google Form
  • Click the Responses tab
  • Locate the question(s) that asks the user to upload a file
  • Click the View Folder link
  • This will open up the folder where files uploaded are stored
Image showing how to access your file upload folder
Once you have located the folder, follow the steps on Google's support page to share access to the folder with specific people or a a group of specific people.
Once you have updated the permissions, new files uploaded to your form from that point forward will inherit the same sharing permissions as you set for the folder.
If you have multiple file upload questions in your form, you will need to perform the above steps for each folder.
Tip: If your files uploaded are images and you have set the addon to generate files, you can have the images included as inline images if the folder is shared with 'Anyone with the link' (viewer access) and you include "|Inline" in your marker name (e.g a question titled 'Upload your image' should be included as <<Upload your image|Inline>>).
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